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Steel is one of the most important and common construction materials in the world today. It is used everywhere and in virtually all branches of industry. Steel is either a part of the end product, or is used in the tools that make them. Quite simply, it’s hard to imagine a world without steel.

The endeavour to achieve a sustainable society is part of our business. We are convinced that new technical innovations will play a major role in many of the global environmental challenges that lie ahead. Our experience, know-how and values will be key in the continued development. The great challenge for Uddeholm is to make sure that the company’s profitability is the result of striking a long-term balance between social, environmental and financial interests.

We want to make a difference. Together, our network of experts around the world strive constantly to create solutions that are sustainable, safe and long-lasting – for ourselves and our customers. In other words, our customers get far more from us than just steel. They also get our promise to always produce a steel that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Achieving this is a constantly ongoing process, and a promise that must be made every day.

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