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Tool Holders


Developed specifically for the extreme working conditions of drilling, milling and turning applications and in close collaboration with leading tool manufacturers, the steel grades in Uddeholm tool holder concept represent a new bid to satisfy the demand for superior quality, easy-to-machine tool holder materials.

One of the most important aspects of tool holder steel is the combination of high hot hardness and excellent machinability. While the material costs for tool holders can be as low as 6-10% of the total production price, machining can account for around 65% of the total cost. The most common problem with tool holders is fatigue, due to the severe dynamic stresses they are subjected to. In additon, working temperatures can reach up to 600C depending on the conditions and the materials to be machined.

What Uddeholm Tool holder Concept offers above all is improved total economy – both for you and your customers. Since our tool holder steel grades are easier to machine, you will save a lot of time when shaping your tool bodies and chucks. The combination of the best cutting tool materials on the market and the leading tool holder steel grades, makes it possible for your customers to increase their productivity and be confident that their tools will last longer.

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