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Uddeholm Carmo


Uddeholm Carmo is a prehardened medium alloyed tool steel suitable for short and medium run tooling in applications where a very high chipping resistance is required. The property profile makes Uddeholm Carmo a robust cold work tool steel for heavy duty blanking and forming. It is delivered prehardened to 240-270 hb.

  • Short tool making lead times
  • Safe and consistent production
  • Cost efficient tool making/production
  • The prehardened delivery condition makes flame- , induction or laser hardening easier
  • High reliability for tools in severe cold work applications where there is a high risk of chipping
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime costs combined with increased productivity due to the reduced likelihood of premature failures.
  • Good weldability and the availability of welding electrodes with the same chemical composition as Uddeholm Carmo.
  • High toughness and ductility
  • Good wear resistance (adhesive-mixed wear profile)
  • Good through hardening properties
  • Good stability in hardening
  • Good weldability
  • Very good flame-, induction- and laser hardenability
  • Main application area is for car body dies
  • General type tooling for flame-, induction and laser hardening
  • Prototype tooling

Uddeholm Carmo

  • Abrasive wear resistance 20%
  • Adhesive wear resistance 30%
  • Ductility/edge chipping resistance 85%
  • Toughness/gross cracking resistance 80%
  • Hardness (HRC) max 50%

Reference grade Cold Work (D2)

  • Abrasive wear resistance 55%
  • Adhesive wear resistance 25%
  • Ductility/edge chipping resistance 20%
  • Toughness/gross cracking resistance 10%
  • Hardness (HRC) max 62%

Chemical composition


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