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Uddeholm Vidar Superior


Uddeholm Vidar Superior is developed to be tough. With its superior toughness Uddeholm Vidar Superior is a great steel for the largest die casting dies where the safety of great cracking resistance is of the highest priority. The improved toughness makes it a suitable steel in tooling subjected to high mechanical and thermal stresses.

  • High level of resistance to thermal shock and thermal fatigue
  • Good high-temperature strength
  • Excellent toughness and ductility in all directions
  • Excellent through-hardening properties
  • Good dimensional stability during hardening.
  • Die casting
  • Hot forging
  • Plastic moulding

Uddeholm Vidar Superior

  • Hot wear resistance 40%
  • Plastic deformation resistance 50%
  • Heat checking resistance 60%
  • Premature cracking resistance 85%

Reference Grade Hot Work (H13)

  • Hot wear resistance 40%
  • Plastic deformation resistance 40%
  • Heat checking resistance 40%
  • Premature cracking resistance 35%

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