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Uddeholm Stavax ESR


Uddeholm Stavax ESR is a through hardening corrosion resistant mould steel, with very good polishability.

  • Low mould maintenance because of corrosion resistance:
    • Surfaces retain their original finish
    • Less production during storing and operation in humid condition
  • Lower production costs:
    • Since water-cooling channels are unaffected by corrosion
    • Heat transfer characteristics, and therefore cooling efficiency, are constant throughout the mould life, ensuring consistent cycle times.
  • Long life mould
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good polishability
  • Good wear resistance
  • Good machinability
  • Good stability in hardening

Plastic moulding

  • Corrosion/staining resistance, i.e. for moulding of corrosive materials, e.g. PVC,
  • Wear resistance, i.e. for moulding abrasive/filled materials, including injection-moulded thermosetting grades. STAVAX ESR is recommended for moulds with long production runs, e.g. disposable cutlery and containers.
  • High surface finish, i.e. for the production of optical parts, such as camera and sunglasses lenses, and for medical containers, e.g. syringes, analysis phials.


  • Food processing knives
  • Food processing shafts
  • Meat processing knives
  • Food processing rolls
  • Food processing crushers
  • Car battery recycling

Uddeholm Stavax ESR

  • Corrosion resistance 80%
  • Wear resistance 70%
  • Polishability 90%
  • Toughness 50%

Chemical composition


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